HNH MEDICAL – 10 years of a journey for Vietnamese health and beauty!

HNH MEDICAL – 10 years of a journey for Vietnamese health and beauty!

A new autumn comes in each breeze blowing through the canopy, bunches of ripe yellow fruits in the leaves. HNH MEDICAL also entered a new age with memorable achievements and milestones during a decade of strong establishment and development!

From the company that imports and distributes Japanese placental stem cell technology products…

JBP Vietnam (the predecessor of HNH MEDICAL) was born in September 2011, is the representative of Japan Bio Products (Japan) in Vietnam with the orientation to bring the most advanced products applied from international technology. Placental stem cells to Vietnamese people.

The land of cherry blossoms is the most demanding country in the world in terms of quality with an extremely rigorous testing process. Therefore, the “hot trend” to hunt for Japanese standard health and skin care products became “trendy” in many Asian countries during the first two decades of the 21st century.

Right from that moment, JBP Vietnam began to search and bring to Vietnam the “BEST-SELLER” products with stem cell technology in the domestic market such as: GHC, LNC, Plareceta…

When there are not many doctors in the country who know about the application of the method of thread tensioning and aesthetic shaping, the company has imported high-class special consumables to serve in the medical and aesthetic fields such as: JBP needles. Nanoneedle, seamless surgical suture. PDO thread types meet international standards FDA, CE, ISO and are all licensed by the Ministry of Health.

With this solid foundation, JBP Vietnam quickly rose to become a pioneer, leading the cosmetic company, approaching the Japanese stem cell application method to Vietnam.

Receiving the trust of customers, the Company continues to import and distribute health-promoting products with stem cell extracts: Laennec PO tablets, Laennec P.O Porcine; white-infused products are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health and are especially popular with domestic customers.

… to launch their own cosmetic brand!

Over a decade of construction and development, the Company has obtained sweet results when it was honored to become a partner of Vinmec Hospital System; the most prestigious beauty salons in Vietnam such as: Doctor Tu Beauty Salon, TATA International Clinic, Gangnam …

2021 is a year with many quiet periods due to the impact of the epidemic. But JBP Vietnam has ” been changing” by changing the name HNH MEDICAL and launching its own line of cosmetics.

With the vision and mission of bringing “Healthy and Happy” to everyone, HNH MEDICAL wishes to bring the best quality products to Vietnamese people.

In which, the first product is HnH Essential Shield Anti-Aging Essence, which is honored to be in the TOP 11 acne skin care brands trusted and used by customers.

It is expected that in October 2021, the company will continue to launch HnH UV Protector sunscreen products and is licensed by the Ministry of Health in the Vietnamese market.

Regarding the company’s development orientation in the coming period, Ms. Hoang Thu Ha (CEO & Founder of HNH MEDICAL Co., Ltd. shares: “In the coming time, the company will continue to coordinate with Japanese experts to launch the birth. High-quality cosmetics with ingredients from nature, specificity and safety, medical equipment and supplies must also be products of high quality, especially bringing optimal value to Vietnamese people. “.

Welcoming the new age, HNH MEDICAL hopes to continue to accompany everyone in the journey of Beauty improvement – Health enhancement!

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