HNH MEDICAL Co., Ltd aspires to conquer millions of Vietnamese consumers in the coming years by creating a variety of skin care and health products that satisfy the needs and desires of all women.

HNH MEDICAL Co., Ltd., in addition to bringing modern conveniences to each family, we also aim to protect the living environment and protect human health.


HNH Medical is a private enterprise with more than 10 years of experience in importing and distributing products from Japan and Korea, serving in the field of health care and aesthetics for customers whose hospitals and clinics. , beauty salon, spa. Our business always operates in compliance with Vietnamese law, putting the safety and quality of products, the reputation of the business first.

The products of HNH Medical imported and distributed are all high quality products, serving the rigorous and delicate needs of customers who need prestige, uniqueness in raw materials, effective value. and highest safety serving the most demanding doctors and consumers


  • Become one of the leading health care and beauty care companies in Vietnam.
  • Build a factory tp produce high quality medical needles and thread in Vietnam by 2023.
  • Always in a pioneering position in importing the latest medical, cosmetics and beauty products, catching up with world trends into Vietnam.


  • Disseminate information about standards, high techniques of manufacturers, develop associations of cosmetic and therapeutic thread implantation in Vietnam.
  • Modernize healthcare with the best quality medical supplies for Vietnamese people.
  • Introducing the most friendly and effective natural cosmetics for Vietnamese people.


HNH MEDICAL CO., LTD was established


Laennec P.O Porcine product was honored to win the gold cup award of “Products for public health” from Vietnam Association of Dietary Supplement


The company won the bid for many years and supplied a large number of products to many hospitals, beauty salons, spas in Vietnam.