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HNH Essential Shield

Ingredients: Niacinamide, Allantoin, Placenta Hyaluronic Acid, Burdock Root, Hypericum, Hops, Sage Leaves,…

– Anti-inflammatory, acne spots treatment, blurring dark scars
– Regenerate cells, quickly heal the damage caused by acne
– Anti-oxidant, increase skin resistance
– Increase collagen production, moisturize, soften skin
– Reduce wrinkles, shrink pores

Packaging: 30 ml

How to use:
Use after cleansing the skin to allow the essence to penetrate deeper into the skin.
Use twice a day for fastest results.


Mô Tả

HnH Essential Shield converges the best anti-inflammatory, anti-acne active ingredients, restores and regenerates the skin: Niacinamide (anti-inflammatory, fades acne scars), Allatoin (softens skin, reduces irritation), Placenta extract (cell regeneration), Hyaluronic Acid (hydrated skin)

Naturally-Extracted: Saponaria leaves, hops, burdock root … suitable for acne skin that needs special care

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients along with placenta extract help improve acne condition right after the first use. Skin is quickly smooth, youthful, bright white, healthy in just one cycle of skin regeneration.

A bottle of Hnh Essential Shield costs 1,800,000 VND, used for 4-5 months, it means 1 day you only need less than 13,000 VND to treat acne thoroughly. Extreme savings!

HnH Shield is 100% imported from Japan, with an exclusive formula from HnH Medical and has been tested and certified by the leading prestigious agencies in Vietnam.