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LNC Diaserum

Ingredients: JBP Placenta, Arginine, hexyl 3 – glyceryl ascorbic acid (vitamin C), α – arbutin, acetyl hexapeptide – 8, cereals, oats…

Function: limit the synthesis of melanin, decompose the risk of melanin formation that causes darkening spot of the skin. It will strengthen and restore the skin, reduce wrinkles, bring youthful skin.

Packaging: 35ml

How to use:

< Intensive care > Before use, wash and towel-dry the skin or condition the skin with a toning product. Take an appropriate amount (one push) and apply to a target area.

< General care > Use after caring with skin lotion is recommended. Take an appropriate amount (two to three pushes) and apply all over the face while massaging in upward movements as if to lift the face bottom to upward of the cheeks.


Mô Tả

LNC Diaserum contains Hokkaido horse placenta extract and stabilized Vitamin C conductor. This is a serum produced from the sole need of slowing down the aging of the skin.

Every 1 drop, all anti-aging ingredients. Can use intesive care or general care of the aging skin.

For melasma skin, placenta extract and Vitamin C derivative help support skin turnover and adjust skin layers. When the skin layers are adjusted, the skin grooves will be reduced, resulting in brighter and clearer skin.

In addition, placenta extract and argireline support the skin’s ability to nourish collagen, adjusting the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Skin with elasticity is difficult to show wrinkles.

Placenta extract nourishes the skin with fullness, oxylift provides the skin with both plumpness and shrinking pores. Because when the skin is full, the pores are also narrowed.