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Plareceta body lotion

Main ingredient:

Placenta, Purified Water, Moringa, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Caprylic, Argan Seed…

Function :

  • Moisturizes and increases skin elasticity
  • Brighten and improve skin pigmentation
  • Softens dry and rough skin
  • Relaxing mind relieves stress

Packaging: 300ml/bottle

How to use:

  • Apply body lotion right after bathing or after cleansing your skin with water because this is when the skin is open and easy to absorb nutrients.
  • Put a sufficient amount of body lotion in the palm of your hand, massage on the whole body in a spiral from the inside to the outside. Then gently pat the body lotion to absorb into the skin.
  • Use body lotion regularly 2 times / day (morning, evening).


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Mô Tả

A special skin-regenerating body lotion produced by Korean Nano liposome technology, which is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and non-sticky. With the perfect combination of superior anti-aging ingredients from placenta extract and natural nutrients that are absolutely safe for the skin such as olive oil, argan seed. Plareceta Body Lotion makes skin firm, soft and healthy, removes dark pigmentation, gives you whiter skin every day. The gentle Moringa fragrance gives you a feeling of relaxation.

Lipsome nanotechnology helps to protect, transport and release active ingredients to the desired positions precisely and at the right dose. With this technology, microscopic nanoparticles will easily penetrate deep into the skin structure, find damaged cells and release active ingredients to help the concentration of active ingredients at the impact sites reach the highest level. As a result, the effectiveness of Plareceta Body Lotion is many times higher than that of conventional body lotions on the market.