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Peche Peau mini travel skin care set

Ingredients: H.A PicoNanochemical, Nanochemical Collagen, Pecan Leaf Extract, …

How to use: in the order of Makeup Remover – Face Wash – Water Supply – Moisturise


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Peach Peau Mini Travel Skincare Kit

Set Peach Peau mini includes 4 basic skin care products used in 10 days. The product is compact, extremely convenient to carry for travel or for those who want to experience the full range of wonderful uses (Deep cleansing, sebum regulation, moisture balance, elasticity improvement and freshness). young for the skin).

The product set includes:

  1. Cleansing gel 30ml
  2. Facial Cleanser 14.5g
  3. Hydrating Lotion 20ml
  4. Moisturizing Serum 8.5m