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Eye Sheet Pack Eye Mask

Function: to help relax, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, nourish and maintain moisture in the skin around the eyes

Packaging: 6 pieces/pack

How to use: after washing your face, gently press around your eyes with your fingers, apply the mask for 5 minutes. Then remove the mask and use the next skin care steps.


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Mô Tả

The mask is dedicated to the eye area, both relaxing and anti-aging, reducing eye wrinkles, and removing crow’s feet. Nourishes and maintains moisture for the skin around the eyes, effecting to the dark spot, dehydrated eye area become soft and even.

Superconducting lipsome technology: The fastest and easiest way to bring nutrients into the skin. The product is designed to restore and regenerate the skin from the cellular level, making it healthy, undamaged.