HB Medical becomes the exclusive distributor of Bio Meyisun brand of 21 Century Medical Group in Korea

Hanoi, April 2, 2021, at Pan Pacific Hotel, the international conference “The summit of the thread lifting and embeding industry – A new step in cosmetology and medicine” was held by Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd. This is considered the first large-scale international conference on thread lifting and embedding in the Northern region, bringing together leading experts from 3 countries, Korea, Hungary and Vietnam.

In the opening speech of the workshop, Ms. Hoang Thu Ha – General Director of Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd company shared: “The title of the program – The international summit in the thread lifting and embeding industry. – has said all about the nature and meaning of the event. Because, we see the reunion of the leading elites in the field of thread lifting and embeding, representing Vietnam, Korea and Hungary; the meeting of transplant methods that only combine traditional medicine with modern medicine, between Eastern and Western medicine, between aesthetics and healing”.

 Ms. Hoang Thu Ha – General Director of Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd

Within the framework of the conference, a cooperation signing ceremony between Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd and 21 Century Medical Group (Korea) also took place. Accordingly, Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd officially became the exclusive distributor of Bio Meyisun brand of 21 Century Medical Group, opening a strategic cooperation relationship between two Korean and Vietnamese enterprises. . This is a typical Korean brand that is famous all over the world, meets CE standards of Europe, is popularly used in cosmetic dermatology and acupuncture treatment in many countries around the world including Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Sin Mi Hyang – President of 21 Century Medical Group affirmed: “The selection of Hoang Binh Trade and Service Company as the exclusive distributor of only Bio Meyisun is an important milestone that represents a step forward. in the cooperation relationship between the two companies, affirming the prestige of Hoang Binh Company in implementing the commitments between the two parties over the years”.

On behalf of Hoang Binh Trading Service Co., Ltd, Ms. Hoang Thu Ha – General Director said that since 2015 she has brought Bio Meyisun produced by 21 Century Medical to Vietnam for doctors to evaluate and test standards and safety. After the product passed the rigorous evaluation for quality by the leading prestigious doctors in Vietnam, Hoang Binh Company has officially chosen to distribute Bio Meyisun products for use in large and prestigious hospitals. Hoang Thu Ha also shared that, in addition to distributing only Bio Meyisun, Hoang Binh Company and 21 Century Medical Group from 2020 have cooperated to develop a brand since 2020. Just called Healthy Beauty with the outstanding feature is only the first non-dyed PDO material in Vietnam to serve the needs of thin-skinned customers with strict requirements.

With the enthusiasm of sharing and spreading knowledge, Hoang Binh Company invited to the conference the pioneering doctors and experts and achieved great achievements in the field of thread lifting and embeding. From Korea is BS. Lee Yong Hwan – Senior technical advisor on thread lift of 21 Century Medical Corporation, who directly had 120 minutes to demonstrate the technique of cosmetic thread lifting for rhinoplasty, eye rejuvenation, and face shaping. He is a old name in the thread lift industry in Korea with more than 10 years of experience and was one of the first to experiment and use the method of thread lift in aesthetic shaping.

Coming from Hungary is a famous Vietnamese female doctor in Europe, Dr. Le Thuy Oanh – Director of Vietnam Thread Lit Center in Hungary – owner of Le Thuy Oanh’s method of thread embeding, a technique that she has diligently, diligently learned, pursued and developed over the past 30 years.

The representative of Vietnam is 3 doctors: Dr. CCII. Do Tan Khoa – Director of Traditional Medicine Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City – the first person in Vietnam to pioneer in bringing Korean PDO thread into practice in the hospital acupuncture thread implantation since 2013, and is one of the founders of the thread lift and embeding industry. , making this method a popular treatment method at the Hospital, inspiring technology to modernize method of traditional medicine implantation in Vietnam. Assoc. Dr. BS. Dinh Van Han – Director of the National Burn Institute’s Wound Healing Center, Head of the Department of Dermatology, Military Medical Academy – Expert in wound healing and cell nuture, has chaired and participated in many scientific projects on skin cell nurture, stem cells, and wound healing; is someone who has quite early access to the method of thread lift after having researched and performed aesthetic thread lift since 2013.

MSc.BS. Tran Thap Long – who is known as the “artisan of thread embeding” in Vietnam, these are the unique techniques from the multi-layer peripheral thread lift technology transferred from DERMAQUAL (France).

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